Newest Update: v 1.8 (iPhones) & v1.3.2 (Android)

It's here! the latest update in my Rhonna Designs App! woohoo!

We've got a NEW browse feature!
new designer fonts 
(for commercial license info see HERE.)
new sticker pack 
(Spring Circus, Glittered Up, Vintage Tags & Quatre Foil tags!)
SEE it all in this video tutorial plus a little creative process!

Plus, other super cool news: Amazon is now carrying our Android version! It's the same as in the Google Play Store, but it's for Amazon products like your Kindle Fire! Awesome, huh? Have fun!

***NOTE: Android version won't have the colored stickers built into the app for a little bit.  Please be patient as our wonderful app developers build this fabulous feature into the Android App. For questions & support for the Android app, please contact  Thanks!


syllatham said...

So the android people don't get the glitter stickers??? :(

Mary Beth said...

I'm so excited it's available for the Droid ~ I had an iPhone and had my Rhonna Designs on there but just got a I can go ahead and get RD'ing again! Thanks so much.

Tammy Malone said...

Love the new stickers :) BTW- I just took a photo of birds just like that the other day. At first I thought it was my photo then realized it was just a little different lol

amanda said...

How exciting! Can't wait until it hits the App Store!

And, I completely agree with you - $.99 for 10 fonts is a steal - I would've paid $.99 just to get my hands on that Cantoni font. Thank you for giving us this option!

For the last 4 days, I Have been checking every hour for the iPhone update and it's HERE!!! I'm so excited! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Update is available on iTunes but when I go to purchase the packs it says they are niot available yet. What is going on and when can I expect this to be fixed? I love your

Mwlissa said...

The new extra packs and sticker packs are still showing as unavailable...any idea when the link to purchase them will be work? Thanks and I love all the of my favorite photo design apps. :)

I contacted app support. They emailed me back quickly :-). They are working with iTunes now because of the holiday weekend it's taking a little longer then usual. Hopefully soon!

I can't order the extras packs. I get a message that they are unavailable? What's happening?

Anonymous said...

I'm using Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus but I can't order the extra packs. Why?

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Anonymous said...

So...almost 3 months later and still no update for android. Have you guys decided to no longer keep up with the app? Android customers are defintely feeling neglected and frustrated.

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The Dickeys said...

I'm thinking about switching to a windows phone but can't live without my Rhonna Designs! Will you guys be coming out with a Windows App?

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