Tracey Clark & Rhonna Designs App= uplifting & inspiring messages

LOVE this idea that the amazing Tracey Clark  shared on her blog and Babble!
I love seeing others 'get it' w/ my Rhonna Designs App! Tracey shares how meaningful messages put out into the world have power for our teens! *and anyone for that matter!* Love how the message: uplift and inspire comes shining through!

Tracey is a gifted & talented photographer, writer & blogger.  She's so articulate & I invite you to run over to her blog, books & site to be uplifted & inspired!
Seriously...these messages will just make someone's day! a family member, a friend....I'm involved in a 60 Day CHALLENGE: BODY+MIND+SPIRIT  right now w/ a team & our Random Act of Kindness this week is to write or print out 5 uplifting and inspiring quotes to put around town to brighten someone's day! The great thing about these Rhonna Designs is that you can use them on your iPhone & print out OR you can purchase the high resolution kits for use in cutting machines, as vector fonts & the PS brushes are so great, too! So many things to create to empower others!  I'm inspired to do what Tracey did! THANKS, Tracey...for being uplifting and inspiRing! 


Leeann Ojeda said...

Id love to have the Rhonda Designs App. How ling before you make it available for Android?

Leeann Ojeda said...


Agreed! Android users make up more than half of the smart phone population yet apps are still made for Apple only :( bummer! Only because I love your blog so much! TY for sharing your beautiful work! ♥