How DO You DO That? DIY Easter Bonnets & Baskets

The Easter Bonnet Printables are so versatile & will be so fun for your Easter Celebrations! 

My creative team member, Jing, created these cute Easter Baskets out of the cones...LOVE them, don't you?
She printed out the Printables & also added the cute Easter Celebrations: Stamp Art Printables in there, too! mmm...these are just scrumptious!
Attach the handles with glue,rivets or brads, fill with Easter grass, candy & other treats for a gorgeous version of an Easter Basket!

I had fun making a *masculine* version of these for my little man. 

I LOVE the Burlap says: You are my sunshine...& that's exactly what he is! I added the 'S' from the Easter Celebrations Printable kit & filled it w/ grass & eggs w/ treats!

Of course, there is always the option of creating these as a little Easter Party Hat...or bonnet! 

Just Print, Cut, & Create! 
The Printables are soooo easy! Once printed out, just cut along the lines & score the highlighted edge. Fold into a cone shape.

 Glue together & then add ribbons to tie the hat on, the toppers & the embellishments. Here, I just ruffled crepe paper & glued to the edge & top, wrapped with ribbon & then added the cute pieces on the Printable to the front! I think they are so cute!
Love it! Enjoy your Easter weekend! I love all the celebRations!


patty said...

happy easter to you & your family rhonna!

Nancy Wyatt said...

What fun! I won't get to see any of my nieces and nephews this Easter. Boo hoo so making one cone basket for the hubby :)
Hugs and Happy Easter!

Aimee said...

I love the bright fun bags, but the Fat Boy is pretty awesome too!