Monday, March 23, 2015

12 Week Course- Use Social Media For Good// Week 11

Week 11 is up on my site for download HERE. I can't believe we are almost finished. This class takes photo editing up a notch where we explore filters, collage, words, design tips & tricks. Fun stuff. 

Since Easter is coming up, we will be creating uplifting and inspiring images. We will explore:

Photos & filters: share favorite apps: RD Magic, PicTapGo, Waterlogue, FaceTune apps. (Android apps: Photo Painter (painterly effects), Real Bokeh (add bokeh effects), SnapSeed (filters, adjustments), VSCO cam (various filters), Repix (eraser tool)
Photos & collages: Bubble Frame, Project Life, Diptych, Diptic, Layout (coming soon for Android), (Android apps: Photo Grid, Pic Collage, Pic Stitch, Diptic) 
Photos & words: Rhonna Designs, Word Swag, Studio Design (all 3 are available for Android) 

Design tips & tricks: Erasing, combining images, textures, light leaks. 
Now, a word to my Android friends: This is a great time to explore the Google Play Store & seek out creative apps that will allow you to use filters, bokeh, collages, text, designs, textures & light leaks. Just because we use different apps, doesn’t mean you can’t use your device to create your own bits of LIGHT to share with others. It’s just a matter of exploring. You can do it!**

This is a fun one using 2 different images from the LDS Media Library, & merging them together in RD Magic.  I added some Light Leaks,  & then toggled to Rhonna Designs to add the text. The gold 'Christ' is originally in the app as 'Christmas', but I opened it up in RD Magic & erased the other part to add it to the lyrics of this hymn: He Is Risen. 
I LOOOVE this time of year as we celebrate Christ & His resurrection, so creating images that will share my feelings with others is exactly what I love to do & teach!

We can SHARE OUR JOY! Be sure to hashtag your posts with #BecauseHElives & during General Conference #LDSconf.  AND…remember that on March 28th The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS church) will launch a beautiful video to share with the world. You can find it HERE.

I hope you enjoy finding your own 'voice' in your creations & share your feelings, too!

Next week…last week. Week 12 we have fun with video! There are so many cool apps you can use with your tablet or phone to capture & create videos & share on social media to flood with earth with goodness. #sharegoodness We can all do our part! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

12 Week Course- Use Social Media For Good // Week 10

HERE is the download for Week 10.  There's a lot of info in this class & it's chock full of ideas, links & quotes to help empower you as parents to help yourself AND your kids/teens use technology for good.

One of my favorite parts of this particular class is a simple 5 question reflection on HOW you are doing with digital 'self control'… How about these?
Yes, as parents, we should be teaching our children HOW TO USE technology & social media for good, BUT…we can listen to the same advice. ;) We ALL need to be smart. In fact, in this class I talk about how it's important for parents and children to come together as a unified family, & set guidelines that EVERYONE will adhere to! This way, the entire family can help each other keep their digital device time to a healthy level.  
One of my favorite articles I used in this class is HERE.  
I think it's so wise to work together as a family to 'tame the media'.  In this age of 'digital parenting', it's such a new adventure that I think we need to work together to figure out what's best for our individual families. I LOVE the emphasis on excellence…while there is plenty of garbage out there on the media, there is SOOO much good. And it's up to us to
 look for the good;
teach the good;
share the good.
Enjoy this class with your family & I encourage you to consider kind & loving ways to teach the appropriate ways, times, places & media to your children, teens & young adults…and let THEM teach you, too!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

12 Week Course- Use Social Media For Good // Week 9

I know I keep saying this, but THIS- WEEK 8-  is one of my favorite classes in this course! Download the outline & images HERE.

We get to talk about Personal HiSTORY meeting Family HiSTORY! So many awesome things you can do to keep your personal hiSTORY right on your phone/tablet. 
I suggest a couple of apps in this class: COLLECT & DAY ONE. (sadly, these are both for iPhones/iPads/Mac desktop only. I suggest researching to find something similar for your Android devices…or get an iPhone. ;)

 I use both, but they do different things. Personally, I've found Day ONe is my favorite. I like the PDF format & how it can be printed out in a book form OR as an eBook. Pretty cool & pretty easy!

The ideas I share in this class about planning Family Reunions & Family Tree Gatherings are so uplifting and inspiring to me. We are holding our family reunion in July & I'm getting sooo excited because it will be AWESOME with the new tools, tips & tricks I"m learning as I immerse myself in family history.

One thing I will be talking about is the importance of STORIES. If you notice…the word STORY is in history! And that is what makes it so exciting. Yes, I love photos, but it's the STORIES that we need to keep alive!

Isn't that a POWERFUL quote? I just love it! It's so true: until we SPEAK or WRITE our stories, they don't have POWER in our life or those in our families. I just got back from a quick trip down to AZ to spend time with my family & I got talking with my amazing dad. He shared some of his personal history with me that he'd written up. It was a GOLD MINE of facts, memories & pictures about who his heroes are. I cried as I read it. Seriously. The things he learned from his heroes made me so happy I could read them and FEEL how he felt!  I'll be sharing more about that in class…can't wait everyone! Thanks for sharing this journey with me. I'm learning so much through the Spirit and am so grateful for this amazing work! 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

12 Week Course: Use Social Media For Good// Week 8

Week 8 is all about Family History. Download the outline & images HERE.
You can do so much with this divine technology to engage in Family History! It gets me so excited!  
Here are a few things to do BEFORE you get started on this class: 

Sign up for an account on (This will require your LDS account info) 
Sign up for an account on (In order to have this free access go HEREYou can join each site for free using your LDS Account. You will need to make your own user name & password, but it needs to be done THROUGH your LDS account on Family Search so it will recognize you as an LDS member & give you access to these great tools for free.)
Install the apps: FamilySearch Tree, FamilySearch Memories, Ancestry, Persnickety Prints 
HAVE at least one old family photo. It can be the original, or in a book. 
HAVE one family member’s name to start building their tree on Ancestry. A grandma or grandpa is best. Have some facts about them: name, birth date, death date or marriage date. The more facts, the more we can build your tree.

I just want to share this quote about Family History from my amazing friend, Crystal Beutler, who has taught me so much about it all: 
That's what it's about in a nutshell…it's up to US to be that bridge. I've sooo loved hearing YOUR stories about the experiences YOU are having through this technology/social media course. It's humbling to know that there are miracles happening every week through this class. I for SURE know this isn't me…There's a Divine Being who knows what YOU need & as you go forward in faith, doors open & miracles happen. I'm so grateful to play a tiny part in it with YOU! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

12 Week Course- Use Social Media For Good // week 7

I think this might be one of my favorite weeks. In this class we explore IDEAS! I love ideas! It gets my mind going & I love thinking of creative ways to #sharegoodness.

Those who attend this class might want to come prepared with a QR generator app & a good QR reader app. I've experimented with a few & my favorite one to generate is called: QR Code Maker App. Here's the iPhone app & there are several others for Android…download them, play & see which one(s) you like.  As far as a good reader…I've found some are really finicky & you have to hold them just 'so'…but Scan Life is so fast & works so well I can hardly get my phone up to read it…I've never had a problem. Love it! AND it's offered on both platforms. certainly don't need to have these apps for the class…I won't be doing a step by step…just showing you the ideas & possibilities to create a QR code scavenger hunt with the LDS Media Library…some fun stuff!

So go ahead & download the slides/outline HERE on my site if you missed the class & enjoy coming up with your own ways to #sharegoodness!

Next week is our last week in the 'Intermediate Level'.  We really get into some fun stuff with using your technology doing Family History work…I love this stuff…& it's really FUN to do! 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

12 Week Course- Use Social Media For Good // week 6

We skipped a week due to Rootstech, but we are back at it!  Today's lesson (you can get the slides & outline HErE)  is all about sharing goodness effectively, efficiently & learning about HOW & WHY to create a profile.

And it's all about inspiring….loved this quote:

This is what it's all about…we #sharegoodness one raindrop at a time so that we can INSPIRE others to do better…not force. It's not about forcing our beliefs down anyone's throat. It's about sharing what is good, what is filled with light & what inspires us…SO THAT we can #upliftandinspire others! Remember, we must be genuine & authentic when we share goodness!

For those in our Stake…the video recording went a little wonky in the middle, so I've got some shots from my desktop in there…hopefully you get the gist of it all & you can still be #upliftedandinspired! 

This week, just sit back, relax, read all about how to share goodness on & then SHARE what you've learned! I sooo appreciate those in our class that are helping each other. You may know someone who is lost, or can't make the class…please share what YOU are learning about using your voice on social media for GOOD! 
Thanks, everyone…i LOVE our class! You all inspire me!

Ok, so next week: week 7 will be underway! yay!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

RootsTech 2015

Ahh…Rootstech was awesome! Thanks so much for all those who came to our class on Thursday! We are so sorry so many of you were turned away due to the class being full!

 **We were asked to teach another class on Saturday, & YAY for those that made it! But, we also understand that many of you didn't know that there was a second one…Thank goodness it was recorded! ;) HERE is the live link to the class. (here is our syllabus) And be sure to check out all of the other recorded classes here. 

Not only did I get to speak, I was also an Ambassador…#RTAteam I got to interview & meet so many people and it was such a rewarding conference! The classes & interaction is electric! I just loved connecting with people that LOVE Family History like I do!

Now…I've had many people asking a lot of questions about Rootstech & Family History, so I thought I'd combine my review of Rootstech with  some FAQs.

Q: What is Family History & why would it interest me? 

A: Just watch this video from My Heritage  & tell me if you don't want to discover your family!
We are connected by generations & I feel the pull to learn all I can about my family.  I want the stories, I want the photos, I want the memories. THAT is what Family History is all about! I love it!

Q: What is Rootstech? Roots (family roots, that is) + Tech (enology) = Rootstech

A: It's the largest Family History/Geneology conference put on by 
Now…before you shut down…and think: Family Hisotry is for old people…think again. I'm learning…it's for everyone who has a family. Oh wait! You have a family? Then it's for YOU! 
No matter your experience, no matter your level of tech expertise…there's something for everyone!

Q: How can I get started in Family History?

A: I have to share my experience. I first attended Rootstech in 2014 & when I did…I KNEW I wanted to get into Family History…I just wasn't sure HOW! I had been praying that I'd know what I could do to contribute to my family history. I've got generations all filled out & didn't know what I'd be able to find. 

Well, at that conference, 3 things happened: 
1. I met up w/ my dear friend Crystal Beutler (I had no idea she was so into Family History!) and 

2.  I met a fabulous friend, Alison Herzog, who was teaching a class about your living history on Instagram & she asked if I'd teach with her! YES! (here's our slideshare for it)   and 

3. Elder Andersen of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, challenged everyone to 'Find Our Cousins'.  That was IT! I knew that's where to start. And, I learned from Allison that I was already doing a part of my family history on Instagram…hashtags, living history, etc. THAT is all part of Family History! I was getting so excited because at Rootstech 2014 I could see that I WAS doing it & I was getting excited to figure it all out! What was my part? Where did I fit in? How could I get started? Who should I start with?

Well, after months of looking & trying to figure things out…it finally all came together when my mom & sisters all came up to UT for my birthday. We did a Family History Retreat at the Heber House (which is the house Crystal owns & she taught us all about Family History…she filled in the pieces of the puzzle that I just didn't know about) & that was JUST what we all needed to get going. Miracles happened & we were able to find cousins!! I started to get the bug…the FIRE! I'm figuring out what MY role is in Family History & I'm feeling the POWER of it!  And, it really started with just going to Rootstech, I believe. When you WANT to start getting into Family History & you DO something about it…even if it's just TRY…it will work out! I promise!

Q: Why should I attend Rootstech 2016?

A: From going to Rootstech in 2014 to everything I was able to learn & discover and then speak about at Rootstech 2015…I am just amazed at how much happened in that one year! And, so I want to shout it out to ANYONE who wants to learn more about doing Family History and what their role is to just GO to Rootstech 2016! The dates are already announced: block out FEB 3-6, 2016 for a treat!

Q: What were some of my favorite things about Rootstech?

The KeyNote Speakers: Each year they have stellar speakers. This year we got to hear from 

Discovering more about my family:
I loved discovering more about my family. The first Interactive Family Discovery Center was opened in Salt Lake City. It's got iPads, a lot of interaction & it's FUN to discover more about your family history! How about exploring your family tree on a gigantic virtual map? or recording a video about yourself or family member/ancestor? Family History isn't just about pedigree charts & looking at census records (though I'm loving these things) it's about keeping memories, recording stories & connecting generations through cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents & so on. We all are a piece of that puzzle & as we learn more about our family & discover who we are…we are strengthened as individuals and as family units.

Family Discovery Day: OHHHHH, I think this was my favorite! I had my girls with me for this & we had such a delightful day! The talks, the inspiration, the entertainment! Oh my! If you don't follow me on twitter…you missed out. *wink* I was tweeting my favorite things about the day so run on over & see what you missed! This session/track sold out- even though it was free…it was seriously packed! So, if you want to get in on it next year: take your family & sign up as SOON as they announce it!

The Expo Hall: so many cool things to look at, discover & order…everything you need for getting into Family History! 

Relative Finder: Ok… I was introduced to this in the summer at our Stake Youth Conference….it's such a cool tool! See who YOU are related to!

All in all…it was fabulous. I highly encourage you to go next year…It's the perfect place to get uplifted and inspired for putting your family stories, photos, & memories together for your family history…all while having FUN! From an LDS perspective, it was just what I needed to feel the Spirit of Elijah we are promised..I felt it. I love it. I'm excited about it! #familiesareforever!