Thursday, October 23, 2014

Help me celebrate my birthday!

Well, you KNOW I love my birthday! If you've followed me for a while you know my birthday is a time for celebration! When I was about to turn 20 I kind of freaked out. I seriously did. LOL. It was a difficult birthday for me as the days led up to it...maybe because I was no longer a teen. But, I had a friend who totally inspired me. She told me that she gives gifts on her birthday & she LOVES her birthday because it's a time to celebrate life, love, family, friends & even strangers. THAT HIT A CORD with me! And the next day, on my 20th birthday, I focused on other people all day long. And you know what? She was right...from then on I've LOVED my birthdays! So...each year I love to give things away, share kindness, and uplift and inspire others.   This year is no exception! I've got a bunch of things going here goes!

1. Be sure you are signed up for my newsletter, because there are a couple of prezzies in there that's ONLY for today, October 23! You won't want to miss them!

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5. Pinterest might have something that might interest you. ;) 

6. and HERE, on my blog I've got a FUN giveaway! Remember my fave uplifting and inspiring book company, Compendium? I"m giving away some of my fave products from them!
I LOVE this is completely amazing!

Like you can see from all of these little prezzies I'm showering thing's in common. Sharing. Giving. Share your thoughts, share a message, share the image, share a smile, share a kind deed, share you heart..whatever you want...just leave a comment here for a chance to WIN this book. You will want to share this message w/ others, I'm sure! 
#upliftandinspire #sharegoodness #shareservice

Happy Birthday, everyone! May our year be filled with more love, more light, more kindness & more peace! 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Meet The Mormons Review

I've seen it. I love it. I recommend it. But, let me tell you more about it. I'm a Mormon or member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints/LDS.
You may be wondering what this movie is all about. The Mormons? Who are we? Why are we releasing a MOVIE?
Is it a proselytizing movie? Are we trying to get you to join our church? No. & No. But it IS a movie about people. Real people. There's a beauty in diversity & we celebrate it in this movie by sharing the lives of 6 remarkable Mormons all over the world. You will fall in love with them. They share their hearts & make you want to be a better person!

CHARITY: Sharing is caring. All net proceeds go to The American Red Cross...our church isn't making money off of it. We simply want to share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how faith in Him can make us all happy....and help others w/ the money made in theaters.

6 people who share their hearts with the world about HOW Christ's love has changed them. There's the bishop, the coach, the fighter, the candy bomber, the humanitarian & the missionary mom.

LOVE this man &* his family! Seriously THE cutest, coolest, family! His story is about his service in our church. He's called to serve as a bishop over a 'ward' or congregation of brothers & sisters in the Gospel. He talks about how this isn't his full-time job, it's his part-time service. He shares how he gets strength to serve from the love of His Savior. His wife & children are warm, loving (and the cutest kids!)  They totally inspired me to be better in trying to support each other & be cheerful no matter my circumstances. It was a treat to meet Kembe, his wife. She's a hugger...& so am I so I love her! LOL!

This guy is COOL! He's the football coach for the NAVY! I loved his story about putting family & God first in his life, even before a high-stress job.  The interaction between their family reminded me a lot of ours. We have teens & we have a lot of fun together..I could totally relate to that family bond. But, what I loved the MOST was seeing how dedicated they are to each other...through thick and thin. He talks about how he's been led by God to work on his weakness (anger) and was even counseled to learn to manage it so The Lord can bless him. I loved his humility and love for God..totally touched my heart.  We really CAN change through our faith & love in Jesus Christ.  While he wasn't able to be at the movie premier, I did get to hug his gorgeous family...LOVE his wife & kids...amazing family! 


Such a cool story about a mom who is devoted to her faith, family and gets out & lives her dreams. She's a fighter! And her conversion to the Mormon church went against her Catholic family traditions and faith. But she & her parents share that even though they have different faiths, they will always love each other. THAT's what it's all about...loving each other. Just as Christ does...He loves us all. And you can really feel it during this story. Her husband & coach is AWESOME...totally supports her dreams & I loved the part where he says she's the queen in the home. *warmed my heart*. You can see the love they have for each other, their darling children, family & God. Plus- she's SUPER RAD in real life! So humble, gorgeous & TOUGH...I love her!


Oh how I LOVED his story! This man was THE original "Candy Bomber" in WWII. His story is sooooo uplifting and inspiring. He shared how he got the thought to share some candy w/ the young German children. The thought, he says, came from the whisperings of the Holy Ghost- the messenger for God. He followed that guidance & ended up recruiting others to be Candy Bombers with him as they showered candy from their planes to spread cheer & hope to these German children. It will make you cry..I'm not kidding. Such a sweet story about a man who shares his love for serving others. He said that SERVICE is a sure-fire way to feel happiness & fulfillment. He & his wife were darling...LOVED meeting them! Can you believe they are over 90 years old? 


Bishnu's story from Nepal just got my heart. I LOVED his story about helping those in his home country that are suffering and need help. He's dedicated his life to making their lives better with simple necessities like water and education.  He was introduced to the Church when he lived in Russia from full-time missionaries who taught him about Jesus Christ. He believed & was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  This love for God motivates  him to love others as God loves them.  He's certainly answered God's call to serve & help others. I loved hearing from his kids & wife. Such a wonderful family I was so inspired to do MORE for others!
When I met his darling kids, they were so friendly & hugged me! Don't you LOVE their traditional dresses? I didn't get a shot w/ Bishnu & his wife, but they were just as awesome!

Get your tissues ready. This story is a real tear-jerker. Dawn has been through some tough times, but she & her family share how making the choice to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives has completely changed them...for the better. Her husband is amazing. LOVED his story as well. My heart was so touched as I watched her share her faith & growth & change once she accepted Christ into her life. He really CAN change us- if we choose to let Him. Her story helped build my faith & I came out of there w/ tear stained cheeks & a grateful heart for the amazing affect Christ's love has on EVERYONE! No matter our story! It's GLORIOUS!

The playlist is awesome. Has one of my all time faves, Mindy Gledhill.
And THIS SONG...oh how it gets my heart! Right now you can get a FREE download HERE!

The lyrics of Glorious by David Archuleta really bring it all together:

There are times when you might feel aimless
You can't see the places where you belong
But you will find that there is a purpose
It's been there within you all along and when you're near it
You can almost hear it.

It's like a symphony just keep listenin'
And pretty soon you'll start to figure out your part
Everyone plays a piece and there are melodies
In each one of us, oh, it's glorious

You will know how to let it ring out as you discover who you are
Others around you will start to wake up
To the sounds that are in their hearts
It's so amazin', what we're all creatin'

And as you feel the notes build
You will see

It's the kind of movie that you will feel uplifted and inspired. I think it will feed a world that is starving for good, motivating & uplifting movies! This movie will make you want to be a better person & share you OWN light with others! And like the words of the song says:

You will find that there is purpose, it's been there within you all along,

We need more light, more kindness, more love, more peace, don't you think? You will find that in this movie. I invite you to go see it...I don't think you will regret it! 

In the end...this movie celebrates these ordinary people & their extraordinary lives.  And the great thing is: there's something in each of their stories that we can ALL identify with...The movie comes out in theaters nation-wide on Friday, October 10, 2014.  IF you don't see it in your area, you can request it HERE. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

25% OFF and New Fall Products know I LOVE the Fall! Well, I've got some FUN new products in the store! Ya ready?
Our Rhonna Designs Newsletter just went out...with a 25% off CODE for the new stuff...did you get it? Make sure you are signed up for our weekly newsletter w/ awesome stuff! 

Ok... so, you know me..any excuse to celebRate!
25% OFF all new kits and spooky kits with this special code*:


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I"M LOVING the huge sizes of the Prints. The Spooky Prints and the Fall Prints come in 3 sizes:
16x20, 8x10 & 4x6!
I printed this one out, glitter taped it up in my office & voila! I'm ready for the Fall!

Ready? Set? SHOP! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Introducing the NEW RD Magic App! What's the difference between RD Magic & Rhonna Designs? well...

I'm so excited about our NEW app: RD Magic

It's everything I've been wanting in an app since we released Rhonna Designs, but just couldn't add it into the original app w/o it bogging down our we are: Check it out  HERE in the App Store! 

SO....what's the difference you ask? Well....they are the very best of friends! ;)
- they talk to each other, 
work together 
& help you create your ultimate MAGIC!
---->While Rhonna Designs App gives you the creativity of illustrations, designs, & text/fonts-- RD Magic App is a photo enhancing app that works in LAYERS and "talks" to Rhonna Designs App. (Makes it so you can toggle back & forth)

You can add 
light leaks, 
edges & 
import your own images in "My Magic". (blending looks so cool...see?)

With the ERASER tool you can erase bits of the colors, bokeh, edges, texture, etc... AND toggle over to Rhonna Designs to add a design or word, THEN, toggle it back to RD Magic to erase bits of the designs & words! It's #pureMAGIC! It can do so much, the possibilities are endless as you #sprinkleyourmagic on your photos! 

**be sure to watch the VIDEO TUTORIAL  It's like a mini class where I take you through each feature & show you the possibilities! From there... It's all up to you! #creativetoolstoempowerourcreativemind

The app has the signature 'starter screen', too- just like Rhonna Designs App, where each Friday I change it up to feature YOU- our amazing users! We were sooo thrilled to have RD Magic hit the top charts on the App Store at #3 in Photo & Video category! THANK YOU, everyone! And...App Store has us highlighted as one of the Best New Apps in the Photo & Video category...feeling so incredibly grateful! Thanks for supporting us in our dreams! You are #upliftingandinspiring! mmmwah!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Family First...on blog

I was so excited when asked me to be a contributor to their blog & share my thoughts on something SO important to me: my family!   You can read the whole article HERE. 
And, very cool to SEE THIS feature in Mormon Newsroom! 

But, I wanted to share a little bit more here in relation to my career & family.
I've had people ask me: HOW do you balance it all; family, husband, career, church activity, hobbies, etc.?  And you know what? That part in the article where I talked about 'getting distracted'? Well, that is HOW I balance...I don't LET the distractions into my life. There was a time in my life where I was so distracted-- I was moving a million miles a minute (all GOOD things, mind you). I look back & think: WOW--- HOW did I get so distracted? Now, don't get me family has always come first, but even w/ that goal in mind, I still see how tiny distractions creeped into my mind & even though I was 'present' w/ my children & mind was somewhere else.  I have this hard time of turning off my creative brain & I'd be decorating my house, or painting a picture, or designing something amazing all in my mind...NOT being FULLY present w/ my family.  While I LOVE technology, I have found that I literally have to put down my phone, walk away from the computer, or close the ipad cover so I am FULLY present & not distracted, too. THEN, it's easier to take that time for my family & focus on having harmony in our home.   When we fight, or have contention in our home, it rips us all apart. I try every day to focus on harmony & peace, but I HAVE to be aware of distractions to see clearly where I need to improve.

Another thing I've found that's essential is taking the time to BE STILL.  For me, an active person, this was really difficult to learn how to do. But, being forced to lay in bed with my fibromyalgia really taught me how to 'be still'; how to search for the peace in my soul & find balance in my life. Isn't that funny how my sickness is what made me stop the distractions, focus on the stillness, prioritize & be fully present? As difficult as it's been that past 4 years, I'm so grateful that I learned so much! And, bringing my family together to help each other out in times of need to have that harmony in our home has been a wonderful blessing as well. I'm here to say: even in BAD times, we can see the GOOD times! I believe that with all my heart. Family first. 

**did you know you can go to & find word art of inspirational quotes? I've designs a few (like the one above- this was found under Images>Inspirational Picture Quotes>Dieter F. Uchtdorf) & we are all able to #sharegoodness with these images w/o copyright infringement! I LOVE that! Happy sharing!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

NEW Rhonna Designs MAGIC App Sneak Peak video!

You guys!  I'm so excited to share this really QUICK sneak peek of WHAT RD Magic app has to offer!
REady? Set? GO!

We are just waiting for the app's approval for the App Store & then, we'll be shouting it out from the rooftops! But, until then, be sure to get on Instagram & search
for more info AND...I'll be putting up a new video with a more in-depth look at WHAT this app does! woohooo! Who's excited? MEEEEE!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Welcome Summer....

Well, if you haven't figured out yet....clearly, my new blog has become instagram! Instablogging is really more my vibe these days, since I LITERALLY do everything on my phone! and now, with summer...well....I'm afraid you'll need to follow me on Instagram to see what I'm up to!

 Did you SEE THIS? yup! 1 Year birthday of Rhonna Designs App! woohooo! And, if you've on Instagram, you can grab the FREE backgrounds I'm giving away! Like this one, this one...& watch for more!

And...THIS> yup...we had THE most amazing family vacation to celebrate a BUNCH of life changes, goals reached & years of hard was so amazing!

I've been teasing for  a while about a "secret project' I've been working on...and, I've got to say: I"M GIDDY about it! On Instagram, just check out my hashtag: #rdsecretproject to see what I've got going...can you guess?

Ok...for now...ciao! Let's keep on #upliftingandinspiring in the Rhonna Designs community!